We guarantee the smooth operation of your website 24 hours a day!

We guarantee the smooth operation of your website 24 hours a day!
For 8 years, we have accumulated an impressive experience in site maintenance.
We take on the support of sites that are in almost any technical condition.

The cost of support of the site
$ 220
from the second month of service*
up to 5000 products
$ 333
from the second month of service*
up to 40000 products
$ 627
from the second month of service*
from 40,000 products
and for CS-Cart Multivendor
Compulsory work performed in the framework of the tariff plan
Monitoring of the availability of the site and the restoration of availability (if necessary)  Weekly  Daily  Hourly
Monitoring the renewal of services (the need to renew the domain registration, payment for hosting) Weekly Weekly Weekly
Мониторинг наличия вредоносного кода Weekly Daily Daily
Interaction with the technical support of the hosting provider If necessary If necessary If necessary
If necessary, check the limits of allocated resources (checking the excess of the disk quota of the hosting, identifying the critical load on the server)  Weekly  Daily  Hourly
Behavioral monitoring of the site (the work of forms of communication, product ordering, online services) At the request of the customer At the request of the customer At the request of the customer
Testing the security system Weekly Weekly Daily
Data backup 1 time per month 1 time per week 1 time in 3 days
Total number of hours of mandatory work included in the subscription fee, hours / month 3 7 10
Works performed at the request of the Customer
Total amount of work included in the subscription fee, hours / month: 8 19 30
of these, the amount of work of programmers, hours / month 4 8 15

Work on changing the content, expanding the functionality of the site, consulting on the work of the site, including:

  • filling catalogs, adding news, promotions, banners, and creating new site pages based on existing templates;
  • placement, modification, deletion of the information on the website;
  • creating communication forms (feedback forms, feedback forms);
- - +

Technical support of the site's performance and relevance, correction of identified errors, including:

  • extension of domain registration services, extension of hosting services;
  • clearing malicious code in case of infection;
  • deleting or replacing broken links;
  • restoring the functionality of communication forms (feedback forms, reviews, online consultants)
+ + +

Work on the development and modernization of the site, including:

  • setting up the correct display of the site in various browsers of the latest versions (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex. Browser);
  • creating, placing, and changing the navigation elements of the site pages.
- + +

The work on the website design, including:

  • redesign of individual site blocks;
  • the redesign of the controls and navigation of the site;
  • redesign of communication forms, product orders, and online services;
  • creating text ad blocks.
- - +
Information consulting one hour
or 60 points**
3 hours
or 180 points**
5 hours
or 300 points**
Processing requests 09.00-18.00 09.00-23.00 around the clock
Deadline for completing a typical task 4.5 hours 3-3.5 hours 1-2 hours
The cost of 1 hour of the Contractor's work performed at the request of the Customer, if the amount of work included in the subscription fee is exceeded, $.*** 35 33 31
The cost of the first month of discussion, $.* 285 390 733
Server administration, $.**** 105 171 236

**The average consulting score varies from 5-25 points (depending on the complexity of the issue).

***The specified cost of an hour of work can not be spent on services for the layout of individual design, mobile layout, development of modules and updating projects, the labor costs for the implementation of which exceed 10 hours.

A flat rate applies to these types of work - $ 27

For these types of work, a single rate applies. The maintenance hours included in the tariff plans are valid only for 1 domain served by the Contractor, and are not transferred to a new month.

****The additional option "Server Administrator" can be connected to any tariff plan of your choice.