CS-Cart for the marketplace Plus

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CS-Cart for marketplaces plus Is a professional solution that allows you to quickly launch an online marketplace like eBay and AliExpress. Plus-an extended version of the standard CS-Cart for marketplaces.

How does CS-Cart differ from the usual version for marketplaces?

CS-Cart for marketplaces Plus includes 7 additional exclusive features, including a mobile app for customers and the ability to access the source code of the app:

1. sales Promotions. Give sellers more opportunities to increase sales. Sellers can create their own promotions-offering free shipping, discounts, free products, coupons, and access to VIP user groups. This feature is great for increasing sales and attracting new sellers.

2. Separate order processing by sellers. When placing an order, customers can pay separately for products from different sellers. For example, a buyer can pay for a product from seller A now, and a product from seller B later. In addition, merchants can create their own payment methods. In this case, all the money for the order goes directly to the seller. This feature gives your sellers more freedom and flexibility.

3. The design editor for the sellers. Allow merchants to create a unique look for their micro-stores. Micro-stores can look completely different. You can allow merchants to change the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts of micro-stores. What if the main colors of your marketplace are black and white, and one of the sellers sells products for holidays and parties? The main color scheme is not very suitable for such products. With the built-in theme and layout editor, the seller can easily customize the colors and style of the micro-store window.

4. General goods for sellers. Maintain a directory of your marketplace in uniformity. You can use the "Shared products for sellers" feature to prevent sellers from creating their own products and allow them to trade only your products. In these cards, sellers can only set the price, quantity, and delivery parameters. Of course, you can also allow sellers to add products. "General products for sellers" adds a comparison table to the product card. If the product is available from several sellers, the buyer can compare prices and choose the best offer.

5. The fee categories. Attract more sellers with low commissions on low-margin products. Popular product categories like toys, household chemicals, and other non-food items have low margins. To attract more sellers who sell such products, set a low Commission for the corresponding categories. You can also set a high Commission on high-margin products like Apple hardware and get more profit from sellers.

6. Advanced seller rights management. Take full control of the seller's control panel — enable and disable settings, menus, functions, and set privileges. This way you can hide unnecessary menus and interface elements from the seller's panel, leaving only the necessary menus and settings that the seller often uses. For example, a merchant selling digital goods does not need delivery settings. Disable the delivery menu to avoid loading the seller panel with unnecessary items.

7. Mobile app. Provide customers with the convenience of mobile shopping. With the app for iOS and Android, your customers can view the catalog, add items to their wish lists and shopping cart, and pay for orders. Data is synced with the marketplace: if you make changes to categories, products, users, wish lists, orders, and other items, the changes are transferred to the app automatically. You can set the app's appearance by changing the logo and colors. When our developers prepare the app, we will upload it to the App Store and Google Play and keep it up-to-date.

Why run the marketplace on CS-Cart?

  • 14 years in the international e-Commerce solutions market
  • 1,300 marketplaces around the world are already running on CS-Cart
  • 1 place in the rating of platforms for marketplaces on Capterra
  • 4.8 out of 5-average user rating according to independent ratings
  • More than 500 features for online trading
  • Popular Russian payment methods, delivery methods, and features to comply with Russian laws
  • Complete freedom to change the appearance and content of each marketplace page
  • 1st place for friendliness for mobile devices-adaptive design and mobile app to choose from
  • Open source code - ability to modify functionality and add new features
  • 350 development partners worldwide, 50 of them in Russia and the CIS
  • 1 200 ready-made modules for extending functionality without programming
  • Large friendly community